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What KC said. pull the pilot jet and blow through it. Pull both of them. They should let a small amount of air through. IF they don't you need a 6 thou wire to clean them.

On Jul 25, 2011, at 7:58 AM, Doug Pippin wrote:

> Any suggestions to my problem here?
> I have a 99 SV650 track bike that recently started acting up.
> When I'm on the track and have full or almost full throttle the bike runs well.
> Once the RPM's drop it doesn't run clean. Sputters and pops somewhat.
> The problem started while I was riding on the track.
> The engine starts normally and runs at higher RPM but sputters and pops when in lower RPM.
> It backfires when you release the throttle and sometimes when it's shut off.
> I've removed the carbs and checked them visually and everything seems OK there.
> I've replaced both the coils to eliminate any problem there.
> I removed the valve covers and checked the valve timing and it is correct according to the timing mark on the generator.
> This bike has the 2nd gen camshaft swap and it ran well for a season and half until recent problem started.
> I've checked the compression and it's good.
> So I'm scratching my head as to what's wrong.
> Is there a problem with SV's where the key on the generator may shear making the valve timing off?
> Does this sound like it may be a ECM  (igniter) problem?
> I'm going to remove the carbs and go through them again to see if I missed anything.
> Any suggestions?
> thanks in advance
> Doug
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