16 or 19mm master cylinder?

matthew patton pattonme at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 18 20:44:02 PDT 2011

> Nope, the opposite. A larger m/c will deliver less braking
> power for the 
> same lever force applied. In this case, braking force will
> be about 30% 
> less.

i'm confused. then why are single or double pistons mated to 13mm MC, 4 piston to 16/17mm and 8 pistons with 19/20mm MC?

Yes, for a given force applied at lever, the smaller MC plunger means more pressure/mm^2, but the bigger the ratio between caliper and MC pistons, the more travel needed at the MC to move the caliper pistons the same amount.

isn't the reason for the aforementioned pairings to make sure you don't run out of lever before you get enough pressure into the hydrolics?

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