list is quiet so how about an sv question?

Morgan Jones morgan at
Wed Mar 2 05:56:01 PST 2011

Hello Everyone,

I have an SV issue I could use some advice on..  My '99 track bike with a fairly usual array of modifications (680cc, flatslides, race cams) is idling rough.  The motor was out for nearly a year to replace two valves and a base gasket.  I got it back near the end of last season and it ran fine through a track day.

Fast forward a month or so to last fall, I started it to warm up and then replace the water with antifreeze.  I  was able to keep it running long enough to flush and replace the coolant but it the idle is rough and it periodically dies.

Any ideas?  My sense is it probably just needs a carb sync or least that's the best first step before looking deeper.

And if so: how different is the syncing process from stock carbs?  I have a chilton manual and I'm reasonably mechanical but I haven't done much carb syncing.



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