alternate bodywork for 1st gen

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Yup. I basically have written them off, never got the last order. 

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> I called ZG direct.  They say "3-4 weeks out" but they won't commit to the date without an order, and won't provide a commitment date on order acceptance either.  I suspect ZG is in the process of going out of business, which is what concerns me about the 1st gen SharkSkinz requiring them.
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>> Call ZG direct and get them to make a mold run. 
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>> At this point I've had standing orders for 17-156DB-01 for more than 4 months, and every time I call the distributors and they call ZG it's "3-4 weeks out". Since the ZG screens will clearly be 3-4 weeks out until after the season is over, its seems I have no choice but to swap the bodywork for something that uses a screen I can get from multiple sources. 
>> I had a list of places that made SV bodywork, but only Sharkskinz and Hotbodies are still around. Any other choices for the 1st gen SV? 
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