some advice re: downshifting in corner entry

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Wed May 11 17:27:05 PDT 2011

I go faster braking longer and softer  than I do less and harshly.  

A lot faster

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> Also if you have to "try" to win you're doing it wrong. Winning is a side-effect of calm, repeatable, consistent execution to perfection. 
> If you're messing up corner entry trying to pull a 2G stop, toure simply riding beyond your ability. Back it off, keep both wheels down and focus on being completely at ease when executing the corner. Like keith says, you have only so many brain cycles per second.
> Case in point. I just did a trackday at summit point main. I could make T1by braking at marker 1.5 but the "shit will I make it?" And the business of trying to shift,look and setup meant I blew it every time and generally was too slow. But when I backed off to marker 2.5 I had no qualms, I had time to get shifting done and I even got off the brakes before tip-in and had far better cornerspeed and a clean exit. 
> 2 different coaches offered unsolicited praise as to how consistent I was in bike placement and riding much more smoothly than many others. 
> Don't get me wrong, I'm still damn slow. But it was telling that I was catching guys on far faster machines by going much better thru the braking area and curves. And summit main is a HP track.  
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