some advice re: downshifting in corner entry

vik anderson eeeeek at
Thu May 12 11:44:11 PDT 2011

Here's the deal:

You're looking ot go faster, right? You have a lot more to be gained by
going faster in the fast parts. You're not going fast enough that hard
braking is going to be paying you the biggest dividends. You need to worry a
lot more about your drive out of the corners.

It sounds to me like you are making a classic mistake, which is trying to
make up time in hard braking zones. It's a lot of effort for not a lot of
return. Once you get down to 47's, then you will need to find a tenth of a
second here and another tenth there; but, when you are looking to drop eight
seconds, look for places where you can make up one or two seconds.

You don't need a slipper clutch. You need to get on the throttle sooner
and power out of the corners. You need to hold that throttle absolutley
pinned pretty much everywhere you're not on the brakes.


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