some advice re: downshifting in corner entry

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I believe it was Kenny Roberts that said sometime you have to slow down to 
go fast. I.E. charging into corners and late braking sometimes compresses to 
much information for the rider, and upsets the balance of the bike. Try to 
do most of your braking up right set your corner speed early and be in the 
gear that you want to start accelerating out of the corner at the apex. most 
important is to be smooth and consistent. Just a thought Dave

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See my previous post on this.  I'm not trying to go faster, I'm trying to 
recover to the same speed I had before making a change Ken Hill advised. 
I'm down to within 2 seconds of my previous times, and I am faster out of 
the corner, but I'm losing whole seconds on corner entry as compared to 

On May 12, 2011, at 11:44 AM, vik anderson wrote:
> You're looking ot go faster, right? You have a lot more to be gained by
> going faster in the fast parts. You're not going fast enough that hard
> braking is going to be paying you the biggest dividends. You need to worry 
> a
> lot more about your drive out of the corners.
> It sounds to me like you are making a classic mistake, which is trying to
> make up time in hard braking zones. It's a lot of effort for not a lot of
> return. Once you get down to 47's, then you will need to find a tenth of a
> second here and another tenth there; but, when you are looking to drop 
> eight
> seconds, look for places where you can make up one or two seconds.
> You don't need a slipper clutch. You need to get on the throttle sooner
> and power out of the corners. You need to hold that throttle absolutley
> pinned pretty much everywhere you're not on the brakes.
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> Vik

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