some advice re: downshifting in corner entry

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Thu May 19 09:45:53 PDT 2011

Yeah, that's what I do -- with the caveot that I add throttle and let the bike straighten up but keep my body in about the same position relative to the ground.  And I don't move my body if the next turn is on the same side.  So it's a bit more like 

pop up
shift to inside
lock outside knee against tank
squeeze brakes
tip in and slowly release brakes
crack open throttle
open throttle before/after apex as appropriate
get hard on throttle, keep body low as bike raises up
bring torso back to center on the straight
move to other side of the bike if the next corner turns the other way

On May 18, 2011, at 10:45 PM, Randy Grein wrote:
> Thinking about this a bit - it's one thing to SIT on the seat, another to use it when you're in the right spot. Sounds like you may be having placement issues, but I could be off. If so, keep in mind that you need to be in the right position ahead of time - then it's perfectly fine to rest on the seat. You'll feel tire grip better that way anyway. So, if this is anywhere near the problem you'll want to:
> pop up
> shift to the inside (hang off)
> squeeze the brakes
> tip in as you reduce brake pressure
> touch a knee down and fold it up
> get on the gas
> hit your apex
> straighten up as you add throttle
> move to the center of the seat (raise your body using your legs) after you're more or less straight
> Randy Grein
> On May 17, 2011, at 11:00 AM, Jo Rhett wrote:
>> On May 12, 2011, at 3:02 PM, matthew patton wrote:
>>> Support upper body with your legs.
>> This is where it is changing for me.  I used to stand hard on the pegs and entirely support my body with the pegs.  However Ken Hill has impressed on me that I can't go any faster this way (and he's right) and convinced me to have weight on the seat to free up my feet for moving around to be in the right place for corner entry.  Watching fast riders (AMA and WSBK, MotoGP) shows that this is exactly what they do.
>> This change put more weight back on the bars (which is where Ken says it should be).  This has actually improved my corner entry and exit and allowed me to get on the gas harder out of the corner than before -- which is good.  But corner entry has gone to crap.  This isn't about improving my hard braking, it's about recovering the ability to brake smoothly at all.
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