charging system nfg ; battery takes charge but dies after riding

Andy Preston andy at
Sun Feb 12 20:34:32 PST 2012

I burnt out one of the three coils on the stator, but that is pretty 
rare. At some point I'll even swap the gasket so it stops leaking oil on 
my garage floor ! Hope it's not that, wasn't cheap and ebay isn't 
exactly awash with them.

  Several years ago, the connector block on my bike, an 01 S, for the 
headlights etc, the big yellow one, the low beam burnt out. I jumper'd 
the connector block, and added an on/off switch for low beam. This so 
far is one of the best mods to the bike, it helps get the bike started 
when she really doesn't want to, if the battery/charging circuit is 
playing up, killing the headlights is the difference between getting 
home and not.

  Incidently, if you have no charging circuit, then you know that the 
battery is getting too low to keep the bike running when the low fuel 
light starts to flash. For me, 35 miles each way to work, a stock SV 
battery fully charged, would start to flash fuel light about 8 miles 
form home on the second day, about 142 miles, and die about 3 miles 
later. If you kill the lights at about 130 miles, you'll get home.

  Even when the battery is so low you can't start the bike with the 
starter, you can still bump start the bike and she will run, but about 2 
miles max. Let it rest for 5 mins, and you can ride for another 2 miles.

  All above from experience :)

On 02/12/2012 08:18 PM, Jo Rhett wrote:
> On Feb 12, 2012, at 11:05 AM, Ernest Montague wrote:
>> Before you change anything, unplug the three wire plug from the alternator and check pin to pin voltage AC.  It should be around 65-70 volts a to b, b to c , and c to a. If it is, then your regulator is probably bad.
> Did you mean to say "if it isn't" ? Or what is good, what is bad?  Stock regulator...

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