simple fix for 1st gen rain problem

Ernest Montague afm199 at
Tue Feb 14 18:16:39 PST 2012

goop  the plug cap with RTV

On Feb 14, 2012, at 6:09 PM, Jo Rhett wrote:

> Yesterday was a reminder of just how frustrating the 1st gen rain problem is.  It had just started raining slightly after a dry spell, so the street was slick with oil and every time the bike surged it would cause me to slide around on the street.  I'm sure it was fairly comic for observers, but not much fun for me.
> FYI: Yes, I've already cleared out the drain hole again and the bike is running fine right now.
> My '02 never had this problem -- I used to ride it in the rain all season long. But my '01 apparently can't ride in the rain at all without experiencing it.  Zoran said to fabricate a cover to hang from the radiator just like what's on the '02, but I'm short the time right now to come up with a solution for this.
> What's the best bone-simple way to prevent this problem?  Right now I'm thinking of getting a piece of heat-safe plastic and drilling a small hole in it, then safety wiring it to the radiator.  Any better choices?
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