6.5' truck bed

andy andy at prestonmedina.com
Wed Feb 15 10:15:38 PST 2012

3/4" plywood bulkhead between the  back and the driver compartment. I've 
always wanted to pickup one of the diesel E350 (?) that the utility 
companies have converted to 4wd.

Chicks are more impressed with a nice pickup though than what my daughter 
calls a stalkers van !

On Wed, 15 Feb 2012, Steve Robertson wrote:

> You're right, it will be a pain to load and unload with a canopy. While there are some fairly tall ones out there, I'm 6' 4" so
> it should make for some good entertainment..........for others. The cargo vans make all the sense in the world but this is
> also going to be my main vehicle and 4wd is required plus on a daily basis I would rather live with a pickup than a van. At
> -40 it must take a long time to warm up the interior of a van.
> I don't mean to insult your intelligence, but keep this in mind about
> the canopy. It needs to be tall enough not only for your bike, but for
> you to stand next to the bike and load it.
> I think it was Jo on here who was using a Honda minivan. I don't know
> how he loaded the bike into one of those. The cargo vans tend to have
> a piece of metal coming down from the roof where the doors meet. I was
> constantly bumping my head on that damned thing.

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