Best Handling/Gripping/Performing Street Tire for 2000

matthew patton pattonme at
Tue Feb 28 12:10:48 PST 2012

Not trying to be difficult here...

1) if your skill is that questionable, maybe you should back off and ride more conservatively?

2) race tires do not work well when they are cold. hot enough to ball up, they are fantastic

#2 will never happen at street speeds, even insane street speeds.

If you think your tires are going to bail you out, I think you are badly mistaken. No matter how fantastic the tire, improper braking can easily cause the tire (normally front) to skid and you end up in a pile of debris.

Any recent tire has loads more grip than you or I know what to do with. I personally like the BT-090 which is now the stock tire on the WR250 and some KTM motards even though technically it used to be a race tire (I used them for 3 seasons in CCS/WERA back when). Otherwise a "supersport" tire will be the grippiest under clean, dry conditions.

Just mind the tire inflation pressures no matter what you're running and you will be just fine.

Can I recommend taking a track day or the MSF advanced rider course, perhaps? That is sure to do far more for your confidence and safety than some tire bling.

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