Best Handling/Gripping/Performing Street Tire for 2000

Erik Weber yoober at
Tue Feb 28 21:22:20 PST 2012

I agree with everything you said, but, I think this guy is a racer . . . ?

My humble opinion is that on the street you want a performance street
tire not a race tire because as has been mentioned you won't get
enough heat in the race tire for it to operate the way it was
designed. So, something like a Dunlop Qualifier (or whatever the
latest version is) would be best. The sidewall is stiffer than a race
tire so it won't feel all floppy when it's cold, and they warm up
quickly. I used Qualifiers on the track on an 01 for a while and they
worked just fine. I wouldn't have wanted to race on them, but then
again I was pretty new to racing and usually went with the softest
race tires available (Pirelli SC0) because I was skeert. . . The SC0
did not inspire confidence when cold . . . And the SC Diablo sucked in
the rain (SC Dragon was good though). D207/D208/Qualifier worked great
in the rain for me on the street. So it's a better "universal" tire
but still a performance tire.

With all that said take 'er easy on the street . . . Remember, Grandma
didn't sign a waiver . . .

On 2/28/12, matthew patton <pattonme at> wrote:
> Not trying to be difficult here...
> 1) if your skill is that questionable, maybe you should back off and ride
> more conservatively?
> 2) race tires do not work well when they are cold. hot enough to ball up,
> they are fantastic
> #2 will never happen at street speeds, even insane street speeds.
> If you think your tires are going to bail you out, I think you are badly
> mistaken. No matter how fantastic the tire, improper braking can easily
> cause the tire (normally front) to skid and you end up in a pile of debris.
> Any recent tire has loads more grip than you or I know what to do with. I
> personally like the BT-090 which is now the stock tire on the WR250 and some
> KTM motards even though technically it used to be a race tire (I used them
> for 3 seasons in CCS/WERA back when). Otherwise a "supersport" tire will be
> the grippiest under clean, dry conditions.
> Just mind the tire inflation pressures no matter what you're running and you
> will be just fine.
> Can I recommend taking a track day or the MSF advanced rider course,
> perhaps? That is sure to do far more for your confidence and safety than
> some tire bling.

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