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Wed Feb 29 21:32:42 PST 2012

Thanks to all for the many thoughtful responses.  I'm on digest mode, so I apologize for the lag time in responding to the responses and expressing my thanks. 

Yes, I was a road racer, and knowledgeable of the best available tires at that time, in particular for vintage racing.  That is no longer the case due the the passage of time, the proliferation of niche tires, and my what seems to be my rapidly advancing alzheimers. 

Having said that, I know that I made mistakes that could have proven to be more painful were it not for having selected the optimal tire for the application, be it street or track, and keeping them fresh, even it if meant throwing them out with lots of rubber left. 

My problem is compounded because either I missed it or  one hasn't been done, but I can't recall seeing a comprehensive street/sport tire test being done recently, as Sport Rider and RRW used to do. 

So, it seemed to be the Q2's, or a Michelin product.  Currently, I have 8 year old Pilots on there (bikes been sitting), and I thought they were the best at the time.  Now, it seems that the Pures are considered, at least by Michelin, to be the best street/trackday tire, at least that they offer. 

Does anyone object to the Michelin Pures for use on a street SV650 with stock motor, suspension  and brakes?  Anyone know of a better solution, again keeping in mind that I don't care how long they last, only how well they perform (handle, brake, feel, heat up time and associated grip)?  I'm not looking for the "total value proposition" as some of my friends like to say.  I'm looking for the best tire, period.  Similar to wanting the best gun and the best ammo in a self defense gun, hoping you will never need all they have to offer, but glad you have it if you do need it. 

Along those same lines, are the sporting guys sticking with the stock 120/60 front, or going to the 120/17?  One distributor opined that the 120/60's were likely selected by Suzuki to "look right" on that size wheel and bike, and strongly suggested using the 120/70, instead.  If 120/70 is the hot setup, is it wise to use a different rear tire size, or run the stock size on the rear regardless of the front used? 

Thanks, guys. 


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