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Sat Jul 14 23:05:40 PDT 2012

I don't believe the 'under 300' claim; it would take an enormous amount of money. However, many people indulge in 'optimistic weight reduction' at the track as well as Jenny Craig. (grin) The stock 1st gen and 2nd gen naked bikes weighted 396 (about the same as a 600 of that vintage, 1100s were 25-35 lbs more, if memory serves) at the curb so I suspect yours was a little less. Supersport trim is pretty easy, getting it under 340 is tough. Light battery, mags, subframe, drop the alternator and you're still a long way from 300. I did some estimates a while back, replacing steel spacers with Al, bolts, etc with Ti. It got really expensive, but a fully tricked bike would be a lot of fun. Seems to me a couple guys on the list went most the way down that road, maybe they will answer up. Of course, putting a little guy on the bike will drop the weight faster than anything, but IIRC Zoran was faster than any of us at Willow, and he wasn't much lighter than me. Of course, he was faster than half the field on middle and heavyweight bikes, and that on a track that is supposed to be a horsepower track. My only claim was that I didn't slow down at night. Nothing quite as fun as full tilt racing at 2 AM in the desert.

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On Jul 14, 2012, at 2:09 PM, Erik Weber wrote:

> Thanks.
> Yeah I think mine weighed more than 400 lbs? Not exactly sure. I
> remember the perplexed look my riding buddy gave me when I told him my
> SV weighed more than his GSX-R1000. "Why do they call it a
> lightweight?"
> I think I remember seeing a first-gen SV superbike for sale one time
> that was advertised as weighing less than 300 lbs. I always wondered
> what it would feel like to get off a 400 lb SV and hop onto a 300 lb
> SV. And then also what it must feel like with a lot less "unsprung"
> weight.
> On 7/14/12, Randy Grein <rgrein at q.com> wrote:
>> And the wheels (plus disks) are what - almost 40 lbs each? Rider is still
>> heaviest.
>> IIRC my bikes in supersport trim weighed about 365 ready to go, if that
>> helps.
>> Randy Grein
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