Weights of things

Erik Weber yoober at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 06:17:40 PDT 2012

Hey, you'll notice I qualified my ignorant statement. :) At any rate,
I was talking about a Bridgestone mountain bike! But you are right,
the tubes were bigger on the aluminum framed bikes that I looked at
(at that time Cannondale was popularizing them). The Cannondale was
lighter but I liked the way mine felt better plus it was significantly
cheaper. The main thing about a mountain bike, in my humble opinion,
is to put the best drivetrain you can get on it (sprockets/cassette,
chain, cables, controls & derailer). Any bike becomes decent then.

Without motorbike racing, I've been having plenty of fun riding the
"urban jungle" on my mountain bike. Next best thing to riding
motorbikes. I like to "put my head down" through the "corners" and
pretend like I'm Rossi as I rip up the sidewalks and piss off the
joggers, ha ha ha. At least I'm staying bike fit.

Speaking of vintage bikes (they are slower but I've seen some that
still look plenty flickable), I wonder when the amateur orgs will
decide that the first gen SV is a vintage bike . . . Maybe just about
the time I can ever race again!

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> Hmm, gotta chime back in here....

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