grrrrrr. (r/r issues FH008A)

Jo Rhett jorhett at
Tue Jul 17 23:46:06 PDT 2012

Alright, exactly what I did not want to happen has happened, and I'm getting a bit frustrated. After lots and lots of very careful forum reading /searching, I noticed that D'ecosse said that the FH008BA was the best bet since it was match up to replace the 1st gen r/r.

I got the unit, triple-checked the part number, and there's no commonality -- these things could be designed on different planets. Might as well try plugging a 30A triple phase power plug into a 10A wall socket. In fact it's not far off.

Yes, I can solder. I spent much of the 1980s building my own circuit boards, or modding boards to replace chips with improvements. Yeah, I can do this. But my circuit boards sat in boxes, they didn't go down the road at 80mph (or 120mph at the track) and they did go out in the rain. My bike does both. There is a perfectly good reason to use waterproof snap-lock connectors like the bike came with, rather than soldering stuff together and just praying it never fails. Because it isn't IF it is WHEN and I hate being stuck at the side of the road/track.

No, I don't consider solder and electrical tape anything other than something to be used in an emergency. It's not a fix and it won't last. Please tell me there is an adapter kit I can purchase to mate these together?

After the fact I found this thread:

Jesus christ, how many ways do you want to fry your bike? Let's have an open and charged connector hanging there, not use it, instead run your own link and solder a bunch of crap together and pray that somehow the fact that not a single tolerance in this circuit was designed to work together -- hey, keep life interesting right?  No.  Interesting is racing through a corner with someone. Not interesting is having your bike have electrical problems and you get tossed off. No. I want a properly mated connector.

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