THEFT ALERT: Red '01 SV in Seattle, WA Metro Area

Beth hacktastic at
Mon Jul 30 13:09:12 PDT 2012

Hi folks,

One of our peeps got her SV stolen today. (Sadly, none of the local
towing companies have it.) She has reported the theft to the police.

Year: 2001
Type: SV650 naked
Color: Red (Factory paint)
Last 4 of VIN: 5615
Location: Seattle Metro area.
Accessories: Givi windscreen, Yosh slip-on with aluminum or stainless
can, Katadyn voltmeter and nearly new Michelin Pilot Power tires.
Photo of bike:

The bike is in good condition but currently isn't running due to
electrical issues.

Please, please keep an eye out for this bike in the usual places -
eBay, race forums, Craigslist, etc.

Contact info for owner:
Rashmi Tambe
rashmi.tambe at


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