Competitive classes for SV650 in US Southeast

Erik Weber yoober at
Wed May 9 14:23:59 PDT 2012

Lightweight Twins SS with WERA is the only one I know of that is
pretty much purely SV650 (or Ninja 650). They used to have the SV650
cup but I don't
think that exists anymore and was only once a year. The other classes
(LWT Superbike,
especially Formula 2) let some other bikes in (or they did last time I
raced). Not inline fours but the
"cheater" Ducs and the 250 2 strokes (double check me on LWT Superbike, it
doesn't let in 250s but I think the 1000cc Ducs). CCS has a superstock class
as well that is very similar but they don't run in Georgia or Alabama
lately. Florida though. They also have a superbike class.

The "standard" thing to do for SV guys was to run LWTSS, LWTSB and F2
with WERA and the equivalent SS and SB classes in CCS (can't remember
what they called it). You'd usually see the same guys in SB as in SS
with a few exceptions (such as the full-blown superbike 1st gens that
couldn't do SS and the Ducs). F2 though you gotta race those young
whippersnappers on the 250s which can actually be a lot of fun.

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