bike struggles when starting, but runs fine

Jo Rhett jorhett at
Wed Feb 13 19:52:43 PST 2013

NORMAL: So every morning when I go out to my '01 street bike I turn it on and raise the choke. It starts up and goes right up to 2200 rpm as normal.

WEIRD: Then, for no reason I can figure out, the RPM drops to like 900 and it stays there for 1-2 minutes. It usually dies and has to be restarted a few times. You can't turn the throttle or it dies, as if the engine is flooded.

After the few minutes, it returns to 2200 rpm and runs just fine. I undo the choke and drive it around. Power delivery is clean and strong.  If I stop for less than 5 hours then it restarts just fine without any hint of a problem. If I let it cool overnight then I experience the problem in the morning.

I'm kindof baffled. I've been too busy with other stuff so it's been doing this for like 3 months. So it's not a flooded engine, as that would have worked itself out. Anyone have a good clue where I should start looking for an issue?

Jo Rhett /  velociRaptor Racing
#553 WERA

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