bike struggles when starting, but runs fine

Andy Preston andy at
Wed Feb 13 20:21:14 PST 2013

Mine does the same thing, except not for 1 or 2 minutes, maybe 10 
seconds, burps, farts and then the revs climb back up. After about a 
minute it's doing 4K and turn off the choke and I'm riding. Check to 
make sure your choke is properly adjusted, and is giving full choke. I 
start the bike up, put on my helmet, gloves and if I'm at work, reattach 
my tank bag and then the choke is off and I'm riding.

Also, check your battery. FWIW, I had one for a couple of years, that 
would start fine from Feb/March to Oct/November time, and then during 
winter months, about once per week wouldn't start the bike. Bump start 
she would fire right up. Even restart from warm, no problem. Charging 
voltage, no load voltage etc, everything looked good, but the cranking 
amps were way down. That's the harder one to measure. Put a new battery 
in., she was fine again. Point is, this is the time of year to show any 
problems with the battery. Your 3 month problem fits right in the window 
! SInce it's a slow degradation, until I put in the new battery, I never 
noticed how slow the motor was cranking over during starting.


On 02/13/2013 07:52 PM, Jo Rhett wrote:
> NORMAL: So every morning when I go out to my '01 street bike I turn it on and raise the choke. It starts up and goes right up to 2200 rpm as normal.
> WEIRD: Then, for no reason I can figure out, the RPM drops to like 900 and it stays there for 1-2 minutes. It usually dies and has to be restarted a few times. You can't turn the throttle or it dies, as if the engine is flooded.
> After the few minutes, it returns to 2200 rpm and runs just fine. I undo the choke and drive it around. Power delivery is clean and strong.  If I stop for less than 5 hours then it restarts just fine without any hint of a problem. If I let it cool overnight then I experience the problem in the morning.
> I'm kindof baffled. I've been too busy with other stuff so it's been doing this for like 3 months. So it's not a flooded engine, as that would have worked itself out. Anyone have a good clue where I should start looking for an issue?

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