bike struggles when starting, but runs fine

Jim Stewart js at
Sat Feb 16 14:14:37 PST 2013

On 2/16/2013 11:01 AM, Jo Rhett wrote:

>> All of the bikes I've seen with the frozen plunger have had the
>> problem on the rear cylinder. I can't figure out why this should be
>> the case, it may well be coincidence.
> That makes a lot of sense. Is this something I can fix, or do I need
> to bring it up to Zoran?

It's easy to find out if this is the problem. Just take the tank off 
(and maybe the airbox, can't remember) and look at the ends of the choke 
cables where they go into the carbs. If the plunger is frozen the cable 
will have broken.

You can probably get the frozen plunger out without removing the carbs - 
I've been able to. Can't remember what I used, probably started with 
needle nose pliers. I didn't have to replace the plungers, just cleaned 
them off.

If the plunger is really stuck I'd drill out the center, tap it, and 
screw in a bolt to grab onto...


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