First gen SV650 parts for sale

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Sun Feb 24 07:20:34 PST 2013

I have a number of parts for a Suzuki SV650 (99 – 02 model) to sell. All parts are in good condition and have not been involved in any crashes. I can send photos of any of these parts. None of the prices include shipping.

Penske 8981 rear shock – extended ¾” longer than stock SV length. This helped turn in with the front suspension lowered in the triple clamps. $500.

MTech Body Race Bodywork – I have a GSXR tail that fits over the stock subframe. I will include the mounting hardware I used to secure it to the bike. I also have a TL1000 front. The two piece front mounts closer to the narrow SV frame that using GSXR bodywork. It is drilled for frame sliders and it uses a stock seat. I will also include all the hardware I used to secure it and a dark windscreen. None of the bodywork pieces have been involved in a crash. $200

Front fender – original SV650 fender painted silver. Has scratches. $30
Woodcraft clip ons- I have a set that includes a second pair of aluminum replacement bars. The ends are drilled for bar end sliders. $60

Bar end sliders- I machined two sets of these myself. $10 per set.

Rear set plates- I machined a set of aluminum plates that move the stock rear sets up one inch and back one inch. I also will include a longer shift linkage arm that will make up the difference. $15

Stock subframe – Clean and accident free subframe. Comes with modified rear fender. $60

Wire harness – complete wire harness with kick stand switch modification and dash gauge connector modification. Comes with mating gauge connectors. $100

Intuitive Frame Sliders – crash free race model frame sliders. Comes with upper engine mount bolt. $50

Daytona tachometer – 14000 rpm sweep. Clean and functional. $75

None of the prices include shipping. Please contact me at nbjornstad at for photos and to discuss shipping costs. Neil.  
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