'99 SV650 special for sale (Patrick Mullen)

Doug Pippin d_pippin_89 at bellsouth.net
Tue Jan 15 12:45:21 PST 2013

Well since it's no longer private let me say that I have a 2005 650 
SVS that has stock looking forks with 20mm cartridges that have both 
compression and rebound adjustments and of course pre-load adjustment.
The only indication that the front suspension is modified is the fork caps.
Coupled with a Penske shock it makes a great handling package for the SV.


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>A '99 is too old and GSXR600 forks are not inverted though they are
>better than stock SV forks though I'm not sure they are really all
>that much better than SV shocks with emulators but I do know that it
>would suddenly make your bike a superbike even though the improvement
>over what you have now would be minimal at best.
>If you really wanted to throw money at your front forks, I have a
>friend (you may have met him) that at least used to make special guts
>for stock SV shocks that maintained supersport rules but greatly
>improved their performance.  But that said, what you have now would
>probably benefit from a rebuild front and rear and ensuring the spring
>rates are correct.  IINM, you're using a GSXR750  rear shock right as
>I gave you, which was set up for me back when I was about 175# and I
>never revalved it.  Hell, to say it was "set up for me" is a bit of an
>overstatement.  :)

Doug Pippin


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