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Accessories: Nard Guard (tank protector actually). Added Yoshimura carbon fiber slip-ons and Galfer stainless lines.
Modifications: Chopped the rear fender. Removed all the reflectors. Ditched charcoal canister. Took off the hooks under the seat and the grab belt.
Problems: Not real happy with the suspension. Too hard when going slow, too soft when ridden hard.
Comments: Not as strong as I'd hoped it would be (my other bike is an FZR1000), but a lot easier to ride. I like how easy it is to service, I did the 600 mile service in about half an hour. I haven't had any of the stalling or other carb-related problems I read about. Seat's a bit of a pain after a few hundred miles but you forget all about it in the twisty stuff. Yoshimura pipes are excellent; no jetting mods required and they sound good too.

Accessories: two bros slipons, factory jet kit,tank skin, seat skin, windscreen, boltz kit
Modifications: showa rear shock by lindeman, front springs. fender removal kit, stainless brake lines.
Problems: zero
Comments: great, brake lines helped alot. new master cylinder even more?

Accessories: self made luggage carrier,bicycle speedo
Modifications: front springs changed removed the restriction in the airfilter housing
Problems: 18000 km;thermostat changed due to 'not warming up' properly,20000 km;leaking coolant
Comments: guess what; the fuel consumption is terrible !

Accessories: The entire Two Brothers Racing VTR catalog section.
Modifications: See above.
Problems: Leaky water pump seal. High speed unstablity.
Comments: Love this bike.

Accessories: Mag tank bag
Modifications: removed all side reflectors -all decals -moved liscence plate up & shortened fender.
Problems: None
Comments: I have only had the bike a short time but had the chance to do a cou;le of 300 mi plus days and found with a little getting used to it is not too bad as a potential sport-tourer. Heli-bars and a taller screen might help. An awesome motorcycle; love that torque and that fantastic roll-on leap that you get from a big twin when you grab a handfull at about 60 mph and just leap around a string of cars on twisty mountain roads . Fun-Fun-Fun !!!!!

Modifications: Chopped rear mud flap off, (what the hell was Honda thinking) TB racing slip ons, (nice sounds) Removed charcol canister and plumbing
Problems: Alot of backfire in carbs between 2800-3000 RPM No other problems!
Comments: Traded in my 96 CBR900RR for this wheelie beast, In the twistes on my 900RR had trouble keeping up with by buddy on 97 GSXR750, now he just hopes for long straights to try to catch up. And I'm still breaking it in!! Best bike I've owned.

Accessories: Tank pad. I may buy a Corbin seat.
Modifications: I cut the baffles out of the mufflers. The sound is a huge improvement. A nice low rumble. It is quiet a bit louder. Sounds like a different bike. Stock jetting is fine with this mod. Who needs pipes? This bike sounds like it's on steroids now. Love that rumble.
Problems: Stalling at high speeds when pulling in the clutch. Idle set too low. Speeding tickets loom at all times if not careful. All the stares the bike gets as you rumble by can inflate the ego too much.
Comments: I am a v-twin convert. This bike gets better the more you ride it. Big torque,great handling,very easy to ride. Unless you're a road racer,this hawk is the bike to have. On twisty roads, it just rocks. It is the weapon of choice. NOTE: if you do not want a bike that is huge fun,DO NOT buy a hawk. This bike may redefine fun as we know it. LOVE IT!!!

Accessories: foam grips mag tank bag
Modifications: TB oval slip-ons Dynajet jets
Problems: running rough at low rpms

Modifications: Yellow Sharkskinz race bodywork w/ competition tail, Galfer stainless steel brakelines (front) and Galfer green pads, Two Bros. high mount carbon fiber oval cans, Dunlop slicks, 15 tooth front countershaft sprocket, removed CA smog stuff
Comments: This was a street bike that was totalled by the insurer (cosmetic damage only), bought back as salvage, and turned into a dedicated track bike (I bought another VTR for the street -- #469). The bike has seen four track days this year (Laguna, Thunderhill, and two at Sears Point).

Modifications: D&D carbon fiber slip-ons Corbin seat (for wife & daughter - I personally hate the seat) amputated the butt-ugly rear fender & side reflectors MagKnight tank protector Goodridge brake lines - ft. & rear Factory Pro Jet Kit 43 tooth rear sprocket
Problems: Coolant oozing out the weephole of the water pump housing on the lower right side. Honda Fixed Suspension too soft when riding real hard

Accessories: P.V.M. 6 spoke Magnesium wheels. 3.5 X 17 front. 6.00 X 17 rear fitted with Pirelli Dragon corsa,s. 120/70 ZR17 and 200/50 ZR17. Ohlins rear shock with handlebar mounted hydraulic spring preload. Toby Titainium steering damper. Carbon rear hugger. Braided brake lines. Tinted screen and headlight cover.
Modifications: Honda RC45 upside down forks. Alloy fabricated G.P. Gull arm swinging arm. Flowed, polished and skimmed cylinder heads. Dynojet kit. K and N Filter. 23 Litre Alloy Fuel tank. Carbon single seat race seat. Carbon front fender. Brembo front calipers. 520 chain conversion with Alloy rear sprocket. Polished frame. Two Brothers Racing polished stainless full high level exhaust system with Oval magnesium and carbon silencers.
Problems: Trying to keep front wheel in contact with the road ! and rear tyre wear. No mechanical problems.
Comments: We cannot wait for the S.P. version. Bike is now 12 KG. lighter than stock. Stock wheels fit straight onto CBR900RR 94 onwards. Rear cush drive rubbers are better than stock CBR900 items so change them ! All parts fitted to above machine available from ourselves. Mail order no problem. we ship UPS.

Accessories: Lockhart Large Magnetic Tank Bag. NEP Cruise Control and Pro-Grips. Gen-Mar Handlebar Risers. Sargent's Tank Bra. Galfer Front Brake and Clutch lines in Stainless. BC-700 Sigma Bicycle Computer. 15 Tooth SunStar front Sprocket (pre '96 900RR). Hyper-lites installed. Scottoiler chain lubrication device.
Modifications: Removed all DOT warning junk. Hacked off the rear fender, drilled out the taillight, and moved the licesne plate all the way up. Fiamm 130db Horn installed. Removed Honda bar weights (and their internals) and installed regular bar-end weights.
Problems: Weep hole leak from radiator started around 2,300 miles; parts ordered for a warranty fix.
Comments: And I quote: "'s a magical ride." Cycle World, July 97

Modifications: Two Brothers carbon oval high slip ons, 15T front sprocket, Dynojet kit. Removed all stickers/decals, reflectors, chin piece. Trimmed rear fender 8" and raised license plate and removed light. Increased front and rear preload and rear damping. Better handling. Removed center divider in air box snorkel and removed the air dam/deflector on the air filter. Required rejetting to 190/195 but picked up 2 HP through entire powerband.
Problems: None
Comments: A welcome change after my TL (but I DO miss the TL, when it ran right!)

Modifications: Next week i am go to build some new carbon- fiber silencer. That vill be very interesting to hear the sound after that . Wow! Now i have shift the silenser and the sound whas wonderful. And the bike is 6.5 kg lighter than it whas before. And i can just say it is much more fun drive with this sound.
Comments: This Summer Me and My girlfriend has driven lots of miles under the holliday. We drove from the north of Sweden into Norway, there we had some great days. After that we got back to Sweden and drove around from the south and back home again. This trip whas only 4300km long, but with two persons and luggage we say that next summer we gonna have two bikes. Except that, the bike is wonderful.

Accessories: Tankpad,homemade rear svingarm stand.Micron carbon slip-on mufflers.
Problems: Very noisy chain drive, got better with chain wax and more tension than recomended.
Comments: I have not had any problems, but its hard getting used to the noise from chain and engine, comeing from a BMW. Besides that I just love the bike. The MICRON mufflers sounds lovely , the sound is deep and not so noicy when driving carefully but all that changes when opening trottle.

Accessories: Datatool VETO Spoton Tank Protector
Modifications: None
Problems: None I Hope!!

Accessories: The rims were polished before the bike was delivered. (looks great)
Modifications: Staintune stainless exhaust (sounds great)
Problems: Sometimes backfires off a trailing throttle or on a down change.Also stalls occasionally. The mileage is very ordinary (200kms to reserve) Had none of the other complaints, except for keeping front wheel on the road. :-)
Comments: I love the bike.Fabulous engine with loads of grunt.Best bike I've ever owned.

Accessories: Pipes, tyres.
Modifications: Michelin Hi-Sport TX15 Race3 front tyre Michelin Hi-Sport TX25 Street rear D&D Slipon exhaust (Chrome) The D&D pipes are extremely loud, and look great on the bike!
Problems: Can't keep the front tyre on the ground in first gear :)
Comments: Torque, torque... This bike pulls so hard at low rpm.

Accessories: Bagster tank-bag & tank-bra. (expensive, but recomended)

Accessories: 2-1 URM "Customise" Racing system titan Errmax
Problems: what ???

Accessories: None as yet.
Modifications: None as yet, only had it three days.
Problems: Spitting through carbs on downchange. Hopefully this will clear soon. Fitted with incorrect number plate originally, they said if I bring it straight back they will change it for the correct one, but hey, who's worried, speed cameras here I come!
Comments: Stonking machine, can't wait till it's run in.

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