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Red 1999 996 bp (Updated: 2003.12.30)
Purchased: Oct 2003
Usage: 2,500 miles, Street/Sport.
Tires: not worn out yet!
Owner: Richard Treadwell
Email to Richard Treadwell
Location: UK -- Portsmouth
Experience: 15
Bikes Owned: 10
Photo: Photo-Link
Accessories: Ohlins Steering Damper
Modifications: Removal of Standard Air Filters/restrictors High Flow Air filter FIM Chip Carbon 50mm Termi's Hyperpro Rear Shock +3 teeth on the rear Sprocket
Problems: Clucth slave cyliner leaked - re-designed replacement from ducati solved the problem
I love it - yet to ride it through a summer

silver 1998 748L (Updated: 2003.11.22)
Purchased: january 1998
Usage: 16,600 miles, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: dunlop
Owner: bruce portz           Phone: 303-450-8401
Email to bruce portz
Location: USA (NorthCentral) -- denver
Experience: 35 years, 125,000 miles
Bikes Owned: 10
Accessories: braided steel hydraulics, oil cooler, corbin seat, pro italia bar riser kit, taller wind screen, deactivated the dreaded side stand retracter
Problems: I have been aware of the rocker arm chrome problem for sometime. I took it into Erico here in Denver at the 16000 mile mark and sure enough 7 of the 8 opening rockers were damaged. The damage was quite dramatic. The cam just wore clear through the plating. The cams were salvageable, but rocker replacement was required. This looked to be a $1500.00 job, but Erico managed to get Ducati to provide new parts and some labor under warranty. I consider the problem to be unexcuseable, but the response of Ducati is exemplary. Other than this disturbing problem, the bike has been as reliable as a toaster. Two long trips to Laguna Seca, and no problems. I owned a bevel drive twin many years ago and find the 748 a huge improvement in terms of reliability, but my concerns about things Italian are still valid.
For Sale: I do have a front wheel that I would like to sell. It is straight and true. Price, I am not sure, though new ones are very expensive.

Red 1995 916 (Updated: 2003.9.30)
Purchased: 11/98
Usage: 12,000 miles, Street/Sport.
Tires: Michelin Pilot
Owner: Michael Bain           Phone: (425) 836-1506
Email to Michael Bain
Location: USA (NorthWest) -- Redmond, WA
Experience: 21 years on the street
Bikes Owned: 7
Photo: www.duc916.com
Modifications: Chip and D&D pipe.
Problems: Common stuff, like replaced the coolant reservoir with a stock one, and the regulator with an Electrex.
I'm the best damn rider in the world. If you think you can ride better than my squidly ass, I challenge you pathetic losers. E-mail me and I'll show your ass who's da man.

red 2003 999 (Updated: 2003.6.28)
Purchased: june 2003
Usage: 400 kilometers, Street/Sport.
Tires: stock
Owner: alex
Email to alex
Location: Canada (Western) --  
Experience: 12yrs
Bikes Owned: 6
Photo: Photo-Link
Modifications: none so far/will do exhaust when $$ is avliable

Red 1995 916 (Updated: 2003.5.24)
Purchased: 09/1995
Usage: 6,000 miles, Street/Sport.
Tires: Pirelli Dragons
Owner: Edward Roberto           Phone: (303)663-1018
Email to Edward Roberto
Location: USA (SouthWest) -- Denver, Colorado
Experience: 28 years riding, 8 years racing
Bikes Owned: 7
Accessories: Lockhart Carbon rear fender & chain guard
Modifications: Full Termignoni Carbon exhaust
Problems: Replace voltage regulator once

Red 1999 996 SPS (Updated: 2003.5.18)
Purchased: 05/01/02
Usage: 2,100 miles, Street/Sport, Racetrack.
Tires: Metzler Sportec
Owner: Matthew Smith
Email to Matthew Smith
Location: USA (SouthWest) -- Glendale Arizona
Experience: riding since 1985 some CCS experience/now a trackday guy
Bikes Owned: 12
Accessories: Is this where I list the 2 speed titanium windscreen that I installed??? just kiddn...that was for all the squids on the zooks.
Modifications: headwork by MBP, port/+1mm valves/collets/rockers/ lightened-balanced crank/lower end. basically motor on the lines of Corse RS specs. Guy Martin at MBP is the man!!
Problems: typical-found bad rockers early on at 1600 miles. Guy at MBP hard-chrome plated using a process derived from the airline industry--bullet proof!! If you want to maintain valve tolerance at redline performance and have 20k mile interval valve adjustments then give him a call. best money you will ever spend.
owned alot of bikes-alot of performance bikes but the Ducati is the shit...got to have$$$$$$ though always looking to network/ride with fellow duck owners,drop me a note.

Red 99 996 Mono (Updated: 2003.5.3)
Purchased: 2000
Usage: 7,000 kilometers, Street/Sport.
Tires: pliot RACE soft
Owner: Wayne
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Location: Canada (Western) -- vancouver
Experience: 7
Bikes Owned: 1
Accessories: Carbon vented front fender,open clutch cover,sprocket cover.heel guard,turn signal light front and back.so flash look.licensed relocator
Modifications: Arrow carbon,ohlins damper,Got set of ohlins front frok and carbon airbox coming..gonna do some engine modification..
Problems: rear master cylinder leaking,.lock up the rear brake and make some heavy smoke.I replace it twice aready.

Red/white/green 2001 996S (Updated: 2003.4.16)
Purchased: Oct 2002
Usage: 8,700 miles, Street/Sport.
Tires: Dunlop 208GP
Owner: John Murray           Phone: 310.600.2583
Email to John Murray
Location: USA (California) -- Santa Monica
Experience: 20 years
Bikes Owned: 3
Modifications: Upgrades from Scuderia NCR: Ti rearsets, Ti clip-ons, Ti ride height control arm, Ti clutch cover, Ti tank filler. FBF chip, CF Termis.

Red 1995 916 (Updated: 2003.3.24)
Purchased: 3/10/2003
Usage: 5,900 miles, Street/Sport.
Tires: Pierelli Dragons
Owner: Curt Warren
Email to Curt Warren
Location: USA (SouthWest) -- Salt Lake City
Experience: 10 years ridding
Bikes Owned: 8

red 1997 916sp3 (Updated: 2002.12.2)
Purchased: aug/1999
Usage: 7,000 kilometers, Racetrack.
Tires: metzeler rhinesport
Owner: jeffrey-adam           Phone: 65 97 671 916
Email to jeffrey-adam
Location: Asia (Eastern) -- singapore
Experience: 14 years
Bikes Owned: 3
Accessories: arrow 50mm ti system & steering damper, Ohlins forks & shock,marvic Piuma Mag wheels.Carbon airbox. 520 conversion. Ducati Corsa 2001 Paint job
Modifications: Gas flowing Valve profiling larger intake & exhaust valves.

RED 1998 1998 (Updated: 2002.9.30)
Purchased: 09-98
Usage: 986,754,709 kilometers, Other.
Owner: TROY BAYLISS           Phone: 09879123
Location: Europe (Northern) -- ITALY
Bikes Owned: 3

rood 1994 916 (Updated: 2002.9.28)
Usage: 15,000 miles, Racetrack.
Tires: metzelers ze racing
Owner: marc olde scholtenhuis
Email to marc olde scholtenhuis
Location: Europe (Western) -- oldenzaal holland
Experience: 15
Bikes Owned: 6
Accessories: r.v.s. remleidingen
Problems: no
not the fast bike on the street but on the cicuit the best bike

Red 1996 916S (Updated: 2002.8.1)
Purchased: Ordered June 1996 arrived Feb 1997
Usage: 51,978 kilometers, Street/Sport, Racetrack, Touring.
Tires: Bridgestone 010 & 012 (the old BT56 & BT57 were the best)
Owner: Tony Hall
Email to Tony Hall
Location: Australia (Eastern) -- Adelaide
Experience: 24 road
Bikes Owned: 10
Photo: pending
Accessories: Brembo Cast Iron Rotors, Kevlar Brake & Clutch Lines, HiTech Carbon Dream: Air Box, Front & Rear Guards, Clutch and Sprocket Covers, & Rear Hugger. Termignoni CF Cans & EPROM, Ohlins Steering Damper, Front (0.95) and Rear (8.5) Springs, RaceTech Gold Valves Front & Back, Corbin Fibre Seat, Affam Sprocket Carrier (tried 520 back to 525 pitch), V2 Breather.
Modifications: Termis and EPROM, 14 tooth front sprocket, cams dialled in (worth it) suspension mods and Brembo rotors made an unbelievable difference.
Problems: 3 Regulators (blown), pair of front discs (warped), 4 rocker arms (warn chrome), both oil cooler lines (fractured), temp sender unit (failed), front fork leg cartridge, handle bar mounts (cracked) all replaced under warranty. The rocker arms were replaced 2 years out of warranty many thanks to DUCATI. When the regulator goes it kills the battery so I've replaced that a few times. One thing to keep an eye on is the cush drive rubbers in the sprocket carrier, if they let go it allows the carrier to move in towards the rear hub and grinding the outer face away a costly replacement proceeds. The air box kept cracking hence the CF unit and Ive broken 2 chains (I was using 520 pitch) luckily without any damage.
I wish it had a little extra mumbo but I cant see the point in updating just for the sake of another 20 hp. It still rips it up all the late model jap bikes in and out of corners, anyone can ride fast in a straight line thats not the fun part for me. If I dont ride it for a month it always seems faster the next ride. It is typically Italian and gets looked after accordingly, I wont be replacing this bike but it may get a stable mate one day. This unit is a pleasure to own and ride.

RED WHAT ELSE 2002 998S (Updated: 2002.7.18)
Purchased: MAY 2002
Usage: 1,800 kilometers, Street/Sport.
Location: Australia (Eastern) --  
Experience: 3 YEARS
Bikes Owned: 3
Modifications: NONE YET
Problems: NONE YET

Red 2000 996 BIP (Updated: 2002.6.10)
Purchased: 6/2001
Usage: 10,000 miles, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: Pilot Sports/Dunlop D207
Owner: Michael Turner
Email to Michael Turner
Location: USA (NorthEast) -- CT
Experience: 3
Bikes Owned: 5
Accessories: FBF hugger, FBF dark screen, Gerbings permanent thermostat.
Modifications: Ohlins rear shock
Problems: A few bad rocker arms and camshaft under warranty. Front discs under warranty. Clutch push rod (twice), rear brake master cylinder under warranty.
One of a kind. A very unique motorcycling experience. Solid as a rock. Unbelievable handling. Engine is amazing. Great feel. Im the only Duc owner who kept pipes and cans stock. Im not into "saving Lives" and waking up neighbors. The bike came with Pilot Sports but I switched to 207's and like the feel and stick better. I installed Helibars for a long distance trip. Didnt like the feel of the higher bars. This bike doesnt feel right un less you are crouched over the front wheel. I went back to the stock bars and feels good.
For Sale: Left upper and lower body panels, rear seat plastic body piece, front end plastic body piece. Stock Showa rear shock/spring assembly(2000 miles).

Black, was red. 2000 996S (Updated: 2002.6.1)
Purchased: 02/00
Usage: 6,200 miles, Street/Sport, Racetrack.
Tires: Dunlop D207's
Owner: Christopher Bently
Email to Christopher Bently
Location: USA (California) -- Stinson Beach, CA
Experience: 5 years
Bikes Owned: 5
Accessories: CF hugger, CF pipe guard, CF instrument cover, CF tank cover, Remus exhaust, plate holder, Corbin seat
Modifications: Painted bike black with the same 996S white tail section. Powder coated rearsets, boot guards & sidestand.
Problems: Rear sprocket assembly moved inward toward the swingarm. I had to replace the entire assembly under waranty. Very strange.
I just changed tires from Michelin Pilots to D207's. What a world of difference. The 207's have much more feel and grip. Rather than just letting go as the Michelins did, they gradually let me know when they are reaching their limit. Every move is effortless and smooth. Also surprisingly comfortable. I am completely sold on this bike, I can't ride it enough.

yellow 2000 996 monoposto (Updated: 2002.5.6)
Purchased: 06-2000
Usage: 0 kilometers, Street/Sport.
Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport
Owner: Fred Boonstra
Email to Fred Boonstra
Location: Europe (Western) -- Almere, Netherlands
Experience: 7
Bikes Owned: 4
Photo: http://members1.chello.nl/~a.g.w.boonstra
Accessories: Datatool Alarm, Carbon rear and front fender, front sprocket plate,chain guard,foot protectors, exhaust protector,oil cooler protector, 996S seat cover ,original Ducati performance Carbon Airbox and Carbon Ducati Corse clutch cover, gold -anodized ergal oil breather valve.
Modifications: Termignoni Exhaust.
Problems: None
Also own a red 2001 Monster M750, Arina her 1st bike! and since may 06th a Scrambler 350 year 1971!!

Red. Black, White 1995 916SP (Updated: 2002.2.20)
Purchased: Jan '95
Usage: 5,800 miles, Street/Sport, Racetrack.
Tires: Michelin Pilot
Owner: Clayton Potter           Phone: 571 251-9608
Email to Clayton Potter
Location: USA (NorthEast) -- Washington DC
Experience: 30+ years
Bikes Owned: 20+
Photo: see url
Accessories: Basically a complete 1995/1996 Corsa with lights and a license plate. The bets of everything, no expense spared. Many custom made and one off parts.
Modifications: Authentic Gattolone Racing Replica of Frankie Chili's #7 Racer It is signed by PF Chili!
For Sale: For the right money 40k+ or a pristine MV750 ORO as trade, I'd consider it.

Red 2000. Ducati 996S (Updated: 2001.12.28)
Purchased: 2-17-01
Usage: 6,100 miles, Street/Sport.
Owner: mark Valenzuela
Email to mark Valenzuela
Location: USA (California) -- Santa Paula
Experience: 19 years 16 years of moto-x racing
Bikes Owned: 21
Modifications: brembo master cylnders. Pipes. ebc rotors. kevlar brakelines. Carbonfiber bits + pieces.
Problems: Hardface wore off rocker arms flatend both cams on rear head. 2 months later I get the bike backdue to a back ordered exhaust cam,I get the bike back 188 miles later it breaks a rockerarm and bends a exhaust valve. Ducati is warranting the repairs but I've been without a bike for three months now.(11-28-01) I give up on this thing.The fan quit working on it's own So I put in a manual switch as a temp. fix. Also the upper coolant tank cracked and is now leaking.DUCATI SUCKS!!!! I have been waiting for a month now for a back ordered coolant tank!!!
Great handling bike, a lot of fun to ride. Don't bitch about comfort, "you knew the job was dangerous when you took it!" It's a race bike not a touring bike. I,m selling this thing It,s time cut cut my losses.I don,t trust it any more and it doesn't run with the "big boys"R-1 GSX-R1000.It is not(much)about top speed,more about having to out brake everyone entering the turns just so they can pull you on the exit.I just bought a R-1 with after market suspension, shock linkage and triple clamp it handles better than the 996 and the motor rips! In my opinion the R-1 is a much better bike for less money.I wish I could get the bike running so I can try to sell it.

Red 1999 996 mono (Updated: 2001.11.9)
Purchased: March 2000
Usage: 7,300 miles, Street/Sport, Racetrack.
Tires: Pirelli Dragon Evos
Owner: Karl A. Hamilton
Email to Karl A. Hamilton
Location: USA (SouthCentral) -- Dallas-Ft Worth metro, TEXAS
Experience: 17 yrs total, 7 yrs racing (road/dirt/drag)
Bikes Owned: 19
Accessories: Carbon fender: SPS red/white solo tail, heel guards,hugger, key guard, chain guard, airbox, double bubble windscreen, rear fender kit, turn signals in tail, Helibars, corbin leather saddle
Modifications: FBF chip, Termi carbon cans, foam airbox filter
Problems: None, just too small for my height (6'2") despite helibars.
Sold it (can't remember VIN), purchased used w/2729 miles. I owned a '97 916 prior to the 996S and had no problems with either bike, had both well maintained exceeding requirements--no abuse (current owner should know that the bike was never a problem). I traded when the '01 Mille R came out. Even if the bike continued to fit, I lost some confidence due to the reports of flaking rockers (and the hassle of getting Ducati to own up to the problem as reported by several on the Internet). That was enough to sway me (personal call). I'll buy the next generation of 996/998 as time goes by and no engine problems surface. The 916/996 in my opinion is the most beautiful bike of all time.

yellow 00 996 (Updated: 2001.11.7)
Usage: 5,500 miles, Street/Sport, Racetrack.
Owner: mike sason           Phone: 19544240173
Email to mike sason
Location: USA (SouthEast) -- miami florida
Bikes Owned: 996
Photo: 7/11/01
For Sale: race suit excellent condition never down......1000+SH size 52 black/yellow e mail for pics paid $1700 new supermike4you@yahoo.com

      (Updated: 2001.7.26)
Usage: 4,041 miles.
Owner: Leo Matalas
Location: USA (NorthCentral) --  

RED (of course!) 1999 996BP (Updated: 2001.5.21)
Purchased: 01/2000
Usage: 5,000 miles, Street/Sport.
Tires: Dunlop 207RR
Owner: Ian Leah
Email to Ian Leah
Location: UK --  
Experience: 26yr riding, 3yr road racing
Bikes Owned: 15+
Accessories: rear hugger to keep some of the crud off the shock ventilated clutch cover - stops dust build up and releases that wonderful "bag of nails" rattle.
Modifications: the inevitable termis & factory chip
Problems: ah ha! leak from fractured union on oil cooler pipe (from new) replaced under warranty. speedo cable broke after 50 miles - incorrectly routed. mirror fell off when I first got it home - dealer overtightened shear bolt - which had sheared! starter solenoid (a Jap electrical component!!) failed - replaced under warranty. started button would sometimes stick in - fixed myself by stripping & de-buring switch internals.
despite the problems (a sign of character surely) I love it to bits - provided you use it in the right situations, ie. trackdays, fast traffic & town free blasts. never had a sore bum or legs but any town riding after a few hours in the saddle just kills my wrists (charlie atlas clutch can be a pain also)

red 1994 916 Monoposto (Updated: 2001.4.5)
Purchased: 02/1999
Usage: 26,500 kilometers, Street/Sport.
Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport
Owner: Rainer Klein
Email to Rainer Klein
Location: Europe (Western) -- Southern Germany
Experience: 16
Bikes Owned: 6
Accessories: This bike needs none!
Modifications: Carbon Airbox, Carbon Race Termignonis
Problems: Broken Airbox, defunct voltage regulator
Great look, great engine, great Chassis, great sound --> great bike! I haven't regretted a single mile on it...

Red 1999 996 (Updated: 2001.3.18)
Purchased: 03/01
Usage: 5,200 miles, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: Metzeler MEZ3
Owner: Eric Sprehe           Phone: (219)374-7115
Email to Eric Sprehe
Location: USA (NorthCentral) -- Cedar Lake
Experience: 16 years riding
Bikes Owned: 6
Accessories: Blue Flame colored Titanium slip-ons, Racing clutch installed by previous owner.
Modifications: Changed to 14T front and 39T rear sprockets.
Problems: None as of yet.

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