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Picture Gallery - Directory: pix/bikes/bsa

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750-a75r.jpg (119333 bytes)
This photo of my Rocket taken at Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
approx April 1978. I have owned this bike since new - it's fast,
reliable and just keeps on going...
I am interested to hear from other BSA owners (esp. A75R).

Photo and scan by Robert Reid <bob@psychnet.psychol.utas.edu.au>.

a10bsa1.gif (124412 bytes)
"Artistic" shot of my 1961 Golden Flash, taken by my wife.
She's well proud of the photo, so am I. Taken at British Motorcycle
Society Rally on the Isle of Wight 1989.

Scan by richardw@spider.co.uk (Richard Whitehead).

a10bsa2.gif (56787 bytes)
Another shot of my BSA, this time complete with wife.
This one taken at "Applesqueezers" Rally in Somerset.

Photo and scan by richardw@spider.co.uk (Richard Whitehead).

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