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Well, our week in Ft. Lauderdale was fabulous. Low 80's everyday with a nice 
on-shore breeze, nice room, good food, nice scenery (wink, wink). Got 3 
rounds of golf in while I was down there.
Some observations I made:

     I just got back from a week in FL also, but we were up in Orlando.
    Got to spend a day deep sea fishing with one of my old high school 
buddies, didnt catch anything huge, but we caught a few and had a great time. Spent 
a day out at the Space Center (highly recomended) and rode all the rides with 
my stepson Derek at Universal Studios, and a couple days at Disney, now I am 
glad to be home so I can rest up from vacation.
    I noticed a lot more sport bikes down there than around here, only saw 4 
Hardleys all week but saw several gruops of sportbikes, most riders out on the 
road were geared up, but most of the in town riders were of the shorts and 
flip flop veriety.
   Got my GPZ out of hibernation the weekend before we left, took a nice 
little 100 mile loop with the wife, now I have to get it ready for Durango, check 
the valves and put on a new chain and spockets, the ones on there now would 
probably make it, but no sense in taking any chances.
    Mike in Colorado 

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