How to wake up on Monday Morning.

Alexander Finger af at
Mon Apr 2 07:02:04 PDT 2007

Rob Schwartz wrote:
> If it had been a motorbike, one hopes you would have been paying closer
> attention rather than messing with wipers/radio/etc. or just spacing out.
> Glad you're okay, but man... crashing sure sucks.  Good luck with the
> aftermath.
Heh I was just the spectator thx god. And I was always mentally
commenting on "how cool" when seeing the traffic light for the left lane
switching green a few secs before the traffic light for the right lane.

That way the traffic going left forms a natural barrier, I always
thought to myself. Today I saw that that's correct.


> -Rob
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> He drove to Geneva like every morning. Dropped off his wife at the bus
> stop in front of Balexert, drove downtown, missed the red light and
> smashed into the traffic leaving the motorway.
> The good news: Nobody was hurt.
> I was in the lane going right, the car he smashed into was on the lane
> going out to Meyrin, to the left. He hit the Renault on the right side,
> as it was turning in. His Golf did a Piourette and stopped after 5m.
> If it would have been a Motorbike, the driver would have been heavily
> injured, if not dead.
> What an asshole.

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