How to wake up on Monday Morning.

Alexander Finger af at
Mon Apr 2 23:15:46 PDT 2007

> Started reading through a week's worth of work emails this
> morning......unbelievable......a good friend of mine that rides a VMax
> is in the hospital. A minivan whore pulled out in front of him, he was
> going 50mph when he hit the side of the van. 1 broken arm, 2 broken
> legs, fractured pelvis, couple of broken vertebrae, 6 broken ribs. "I
> didn't see him" said the stupid cunt. They had to Mercy Flight him to
> the hospital. I went and saw him tonight, he looks bad and is in a lot
> of pain. This kind of shit shouldn't be happening to good riders. I'm
> really pissed off right now because I

Sorry for your friend; unfortunately idiots don't distinguish between
good and bad riders.

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