How to wake up on Monday Morning.

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I had a guy try to kill me last week because it was more important to him to be paying attention to his cell phone than where his 4,000 lb cage was going.  I was pissed.  I actually pulled up next to him and knocked on his window with my fist.  The guy never even turned his head and acknowledged my presence.  Just as well.  I was going to kick his ass and take his phone.  In hindsight that probably wouldn't have been smart either.
  Be careful out there, they really all are out there trying to kill us.  Dave in E. Tenn.

John Soliday <johnsoliday at> wrote:
  I'm very sorry for him as well. Same thing happens in cars though. I had a
lady run a red light out of San Jose airport one morning and I T-boned her
doing ~ 50 mph in my mustang. I totaled both cars but I walked away with no
injuries at all. On bikes it would have been like your friend.


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Aw, shit man. That's real bad news. I wish your friend and his family

Our slim margin of safety is all we've got. A tip - When I see a car coming
to an intersection I'm crossing, I'll often weave quickly to create a little
lateral motion. That, and the flash it creates from the headlight pivoting,
makes me more visible... Confuses the soccer moms, coffee drinkers,
cigarette smokers, iPod heads, yadda yadda.

Cover the brake, slow down, draw your weapon...

You can't fix stupid... Ain't that the truth.


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