Communication system (long reply)

Rickard Olsson richie at
Tue Apr 10 21:22:14 PDT 2007

Steve Northrop wrote:

> to use a noise isolating in-ear headset like an ER-6 so it doubles as my 
> earplugs and speakers. Have you guys tried anything like this?

No, just regular earplugs inside the headphones. I did try out a few 
before I found a brand that tuned out the wind noise and left most of 
the music intact, but can't for the life of me recall the name right 
now. Wasn't Bilsom...


Aha! Howard Leight! The orange ones. Looks like it could be these:

But yeah, I've looked at in-ear phones too, mostly because I got a new 
MP3 player that couldn't pump out the same volume as the first one I 
had. I will be getting a new cell phone with MP3 player now and I'll see 
how that one fares.

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