Communication system (long reply)

Art Lischer alisch80 at
Tue Apr 10 20:54:33 PDT 2007

For me it was just a preference to only have to deal with *one* cord 
when on/offing the helmet.  That's why I decided to use the AC in helmet 
speakers; they already come with the AC kits.  I tried using the Koss 
earplug speakers for music only B4 I got the AC setup and they just 
didn't fit right and always were getting tangled up. 

I'm not sure how the ER-6s will play with the AC setup.  A call to AC 
would probably answer the question.  It seems to me that you will have 
to deal with taking them off before removing your helmet because they 
will have to plug into the AC mic cord inside the helmet.  Honestly if 
you wear earplugs now I don't think you will have any problem hearing 
voice and/or what ever you patch in with the in helmet AC speakers.

Art in DM

Steve Northrop wrote:
> Thanks for all the info Art & Rickard. Looks like AutoCom it is. Where 
> are they $150 Rob? I'm not finding them anywhere close to that. I want 
> to use a noise isolating in-ear headset like an ER-6 so it doubles as 
> my earplugs and speakers. Have you guys tried anything like this?
> Steve in Western NY
> '96 GPZ1100
> '02 Daytona 955i
> "You Can't Fix Stupid", Ron White
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>> Steve,
>> My buddy Brad and I have AutoCom Active 7 Smart systems. 

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