Communication system (long reply)

Art Lischer alisch80 at
Tue Apr 10 21:46:30 PDT 2007

My son's friend at Iowa State University has a summer internship at 
Etymotic in Chicago.  He is in the EE program.  Rough gig....Damn 
whipper snappers.   I'm trying to get my son to pump him for some 
heavily discounted products.  OR, have his best friends Dad be a field 
product tester.....Ya! that's it product tester, LOL!

Art in DM

Steve Northrop wrote:
> Thanks for all the info Art & Rickard. Looks like AutoCom it is. Where 
> are they $150 Rob? I'm not finding them anywhere close to that. I want 
> to use a noise isolating in-ear headset like an ER-6 so it doubles as 
> my earplugs and speakers. Have you guys tried anything like this?

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