Bob Sims bob.sims at
Wed Apr 11 10:30:47 PDT 2007

> And did I see Bob Sims, the organizer of the VERY wet rally 
> at Kodachrome Campgrounds way back when? Bob, you still in Europe?


Great to hear from you again, thanks for the mention.  Yes, I'm back in

For those keeping score at home, I was at Hohenfels, Germany from 2000-2004.
I left to go to an Army school at Fort Gordon (near Augusta), Georgia, from
summer 2004-summer 2005.  Next, I had a compulsory adventure in Kuwait from
summer 2005-summer 2006, while the family stayed back in Georgia.  :-(  I
will note once again that I was well-supported with while over there with
mail-delivered goodies by many caring listers.  For a consolation prize, I
got to come back to Germany last summer, and now work and reside just
outside of Stuttgart.  Speaking of which, John Wilkins, weren't you supposed
to be over here as well?  Or did you "get surged"?

Laura quit riding regularly in 2002 with the birth of our son Jack, but she
has maintained her motorcycle endorsement since -- no small feat for the US
military in Germany.  She's been itching to get back in the saddle since
we've been back over here, so who knows?

Thanks again.  I will be in Durango with the US listers in spirit.  I
appreciate very much Charles' tremendous efforts in maintaining this most
excellent event.


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