Knee Dragging (NGPz)

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Wed Apr 11 15:17:03 PDT 2007

My knee's not down in these pics, but I'll post them anyway. Last
Saturday I got to ride all day on the track at the Miller Motorsports
Park in Tooele (and riding through Tooele was a reward in itself!). It
was a lot of fun! My new Wilbers shock (I finally installed it) worked
like a charm, not that it had to work very hard at Miller. The track
is very smooth.

You can see from the following pictures that the photographer cruelly
photoshopped a big fat blob in place of me, but you can still see the
bike okay. Actually I was smuggling a litter of large puppies wrapped
in thick cotton batting underneath my jacket. For scientific purposes.
Don't ask.

(LOTS more pics here for those[none] interested:

It was 75 and sunny and beautiful. This morning I was up in the top of
one of our apple trees mangling, er... pruning it, and it started
snowing. The sky, not the tree. It has taken me 12 weeks to prune that
tree, and it's still not done. I think I'll give up and leave it with
a 1984-style flock-of-seagulls haircut.

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