Knee Dragging (NGPz)

Steven Bixby steven at
Wed Apr 11 16:53:43 PDT 2007

Heh...  I like the ST1300's on either side of #23. :)

On 4/11/07, 1KPerDay <1kperday at> wrote:
> My knee's not down in these pics, but I'll post them anyway. Last
> Saturday I got to ride all day on the track at the Miller Motorsports
> Park in Tooele (and riding through Tooele was a reward in itself!). It
> was a lot of fun! My new Wilbers shock (I finally installed it) worked
> like a charm, not that it had to work very hard at Miller. The track
> is very smooth.
> You can see from the following pictures that the photographer cruelly
> photoshopped a big fat blob in place of me, but you can still see the
> bike okay. Actually I was smuggling a litter of large puppies wrapped
> in thick cotton batting underneath my jacket. For scientific purposes.
> Don't ask.

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