Dropping the forks: Lifts, Jacks, etc.

Chris Bowen c_p_bowen at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 12 09:15:53 PDT 2007

I don't have an overhead beam and just a 3'x7' parking/storage spot, so I'm kinda limited
with options.

What do you think of this for swingarm removal and dropping the forks?
Worthwhile or worthless?

Superbike Stand: http://www.abbastands.co.uk/product_details.asp?id=1
Swingarm Kit   : http://www.abbastands.co.uk/product_details.asp?id=21
Front Lift     : http://www.abbastands.co.uk/product_details.asp?id=2

Different Stand: http://www.buystands.co.uk/Buystands/Ultipro.html

'95 GPZ

--- "Jameson, George E." <george.jameson at mirant.com> wrote:

> Where I do my work it's easiest for me to work by hoisting with a come
> along or 2 strapped to the frame rails from  an overhead beam.  I've
> worked on jacks and stands before but prefer to get the work up higher.
> I know someone will say it's not safe, but the way I look at it the bike
> really doesn't weigh much.  Engine hoists can work well also.

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