chain noise?

Wouter wouter158 at
Thu Apr 12 12:29:48 PDT 2007

 (and that's another
> question...when torqued down, the chain wants to tighten up 
> idea why, as nothing appears amiss...)

After a long period of only reading the list. (sorry for that)
I think I must say something about this. :-)

I've seen this also at my GPZ. With a used chain but also with a new chain
The chain looks like it is adjust well and when you finally torque the axle 
it's to tight.
Never really find the problem. But I think it's because the wheel alignment 
was not right.
when you torque it the rearwheel will go to the 'neutral' position and 
tighten the chain.

Nice too hear from some other people about it because next weekend I go 
replace my chain and sprockets.

(the Netherlands)

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