Motor Oil

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Fri Apr 20 04:27:23 PDT 2007

  Shit I thought it caught the virus Canuckus Electricifuckes...
I'm told the only thing to prevent this is to innoculate the battery with 
10/50 Synthetic acid or wave a Canadian Flag..

   Pete S

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> Of course Pete conveniently forgets to mention how the Castrol and Fram 
> usage caused his ignitor module to fail in N. Carolina a couple of summers 
> ago. We had to leave him behind:>()
> Mike Buehrle
> schnowz wrote:
>> Mark,  change the oil and filter every 3000 miles and use any oil you 
>> want that meets the newer SAE specs. which is most of them.
>>    The specs are more stringent than they used to be. For instance they 
>> have a test that is geared towards cam wear that they didn't have 10 
>> years ago. Guy's talk about friction modifiers like it's a scourge, the 
>> only thing you have to watch is that they don't make your clutch slip..
>>  I have 98700 on the clock (actually 100k real miles) on GTX 10/40 and 
>> Fram filters and I don't see any difference in power than the the day I 
>> bought it. Of course now I've said that, it will crap out tomorrow..

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