blackbear at blackbear at
Fri Apr 20 06:39:03 PDT 2007

on the 1983 SHadow I'm rebuilding, I've pulled the carbs apart and  
cleaned everything I could reach.  Added some Techron once it was all  
back together, and it would start, but ran like crap.  Half the time I  
had to leave the choke on to keep it running and to reduce the  
backfires on deceleration (which I hear is actually a too-rich  

I've tried to order a carb-kit for this bike only to be told they are  
Anyone have any other ideas to get this beast running reliably?

With gas almost at $3/gal, a bike that gives 55MPG on the 87 octane  
stuff is a dream come true!
EVen the mighty GPZ cannot top that (up to 45MPG but needs the 93 or  
it gets REALLY cranky)

so I've considered trying to find the Seafoam and see if it helps, but  
with a tankful of stabilizer, will the Seafoam cause some sort of  
negative reaction?


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