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Fri Apr 20 13:11:12 PDT 2007

I was suspecting bad gas. Everything on the bike is stock as far as I know. I'll just have to spend more time with the bike to get a feel for what is really going on as well as make better use of third gear. Third gear is more fun anyway. Thanks for the insight.
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> Today I noticed a bit of pinging ...


Certainly not doubting your ears or experience, but are you sure what you
heard was really pinging (pre-detonation)?

I've never experienced it in the GPZ, but on other vehicles, it is normally
a *very* bad, catastrophic sound, accompanied with a loss of power.  As
Julian indicated, I think you could only make the GPZ ping by changing the
advance, bad gas, or letting the engine get *way* hotter than it does under
a normal range of operations, or some combination of those factors.  I don't
think I recall anyone on the list ever complaining of pinging in an engine
with stock geometry and ignition.

Of course, I could be wrong...


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