V&H pipe rattle

Art Lischer alisch80 at mchsi.com
Fri Apr 20 17:22:03 PDT 2007

a few questions regarding the V&H SS2r pipe rattle.

Is the source of the problem in the crossover section or further ahead 
in the 4into1 collector section? 

What is it exactly I'm looking for?  Some kind of baffle/diverter broke 
loose internally?   And if I find it loose, what to do with it?  Remove 
and pitch or have it re-welded? 

I have had an occasional rattle in the past that almost sounds like cam 
chain rattle except I have the manual adjuster adjusted properly.  Kind 
of comes and goes with rpm.  I've got the A$$ end apart now so I figure 
no time like the present to check it out. 

It looks like the crossover won't go back far enough to come out of the 
header with the bike on the centerstand.  Drat!

Thanks for the help,

Art In DM

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