chain noise?

Steve Northrop blackgpz at
Fri Apr 20 14:51:01 PDT 2007

     I lay a piece of aluminum c-channel molding on top of the chain and up 
against the side of the rear tire. Push it as far forward as possible and 
sight down the molding. Adjust the wheel until the chain rows are parallel 
with the molding. Now you know the chain is aligned on the sprockets so 
there won't be any chain noise and assuming the transmission countershaft 
and the swingarm pivot are parallel with each other, the wheel will be 
aligned in the frame as well.

Steve in Western NY
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'02 Daytona 955i
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> Now for an offshoot... Howinthehell does anyone else reliably align the 
> rear
> wheel? The stock adjuster marks are crapola, and I can't get a good
> measurement to something farther away (like the swingarm mount holes)
> because of interference from my pipe. The string method ? I swear it
> requires 2 people (since I don't have octopus arms)?
> Don in GJ
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>> >
>> > Thing, new parts added...and I get a really neat sounding
>> > whine.
>> Long story short, the rear wheel was reinstalled slightly crooked to
>> the longitudinal axis of the bike and the stress was causing the chain
>> whine.
>> Got the rear tire straightened out and never heard the noise since.
>> Michael

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