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Tue Apr 24 06:43:27 PDT 2007

Moving, even in 90 degree temps, the needle is usually right close to  
the cold mark.
Sitting in traffic, it will creep up to the halfway point.
90 days caught in rush hour traffic, I'll hear the cooling fans kick  
on while idling, and the needle will hit just over halfway.
Only once saw it go past that, and that was right after a cooling  
system flush when I didn't quite have enough coolant in it (forgot to  
burp the baby).


Quoting Jeffrey Markham <automan25 at yahoo.com>:

> Where on the temp gauge does everyones GPz usually run? I don't   
> think mine is overheating or anything I'm just curious where it's   
> supposed to settle in at. When moving along at 30mph+ my gauge   
> usually stays pretty close to the the cold side. When idling in rush  
>  hour traffic it will go all the way up to the mid-way point. I have  
>  yet to really test it in hot weather though. Also, I know the bike   
> has an electric fan, but I've never heard it turn on. Can anyone   
> else hear their cooling fans turn on?
>   Thanks,
>   -Jeff
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