Insurance Rates ( BC Canada )

schnowz schnowz at
Tue Apr 24 22:46:12 PDT 2007

There's always an alternative..
You know what they believe in NH "Live free or Die"

Pete S

<<  That sums it up quite succinctly, our tax freedom day. The day you stop
   working for the govt. and keep your earnings is now around July 
   Most of our citizenry likes it this way and doesn't want it to change...
   On Mon Apr 23 16:17 , "Steve Northrop" sent:

     Ah  yes.....The People's Republic of Canuckistan........the perfect
     model for Hilary Stalin, I mean von Clinton, I mean Clinton. Socialized
     medicine, everything free for those that are a drain on society, take 
     from those that contribute to society. We'll be caught right up to ya
     It's just a matter of time. BTW, my mc insurance is $103 this year.>>

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