New Shoes

Rickard Olsson richie at
Thu Aug 2 00:32:01 PDT 2007

Tom Wheeler wrote:

> how stupid they felt after getting that far from home without realizing 
how bad it really was

Been there, done that - several times. Worst case was when I was late 
for the bi-annual safety inspection and hauled metric ass to get there. 
I knew the rear was sorta marginal, but by the time I got there (it was 
a 100km ride on straight and empty roads, the local place was booked 
solid) not only did I have cord showing on about a third of the 
circumference, but there were small /melted/ rubber nodules all over the 
edges. They just laughed, passed the bike clean and told me to go slower 
on the way home. I did.

> 4313 7282 7732 2112 exp 02/10 cid# 367

Great! I just got this e-mail from the Nigerian ex-minister of Finance 
and he needs some help looting the country. That CC# will come in handy, 
thanks. ;-)

     / Richie

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