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Fri Aug 3 10:48:35 PDT 2007

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From: Barry Bearden <barrybearden at sbcglobal.net>
Hi guys, hows everybody??  yes it's true, all true, as I 
sit here typing this I am in the altogether. that's right 
my birthday suit. And as I said many years ago "there's 
nothing as comfortable as an unfurnished basement". you 
underwear guys oughta get a clue. Underwear is for guys who 
crap their drawers. All is pretty much okay here in Pollock 
Pines. And you can catch my dubious act on the V-strom 
international forum, I'm all over that thing. The Strom is 
still doing just fine, you mugs would do well to
dump the old geeper and move on and get one. You know 
something that actually handles LOL,LOL!!!!  The DR650se, 
king quad & Robbo's SV650 are all in top shape and running 
tip top so life is good. My best regards to you hambones. 
You guys need a trip to Nor Cal to clear up that karmic 
congestion I haven't seen a geeper in these parts since 
2001??? so where are ya????
   My best to all of you guys and i hope everybody is still 
hanging in there.   Bareman
> scapco at ecentral.com wrote:
>   That's why it's every six months, it's rarely on. LOL!!
> Charles S.

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