Right Side Fairing Repair

John Soliday johnsoliday at msn.com
Sat Aug 4 09:34:26 PDT 2007


FYI - Thanks for all the response to my need for a new right side fairing
after my tip over.  Bob Sims was nice enough to supply me one, thanks!  In
the mean time I fixed mine for temporary use with JB Weld.  That stuff is
amazing.  I used cardboard to protect the outer paint surface and used
C-clamps to hold the cracked area together and then used JB Weld over the
crack.  I've used this stuff on cracked ABS on my old ZX10 and other bikes,
it really works and lasts.  Usually if you press the crack together with
clamps, and are careful to align the cracked parts it's hard to see it after
the repair, unless you get wax on the crack line later.  



Now to order the right hand brake lever....

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