Fall riding in New England

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Not adressed, but first week or second week in October is usually full
colour in the Algonquin Park area. I've pasted in a link for the some of
the best riding roads in the area. Hope this helps.

Art inTO

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Hey SchwartzNorthropStaniforthBuherleMason,

Hypothetically speaking, if I was to try to come up your way this fall, 
give me some dates that make sense from a weather, fall leaves, etc.. 

My first priority is to see some relatives in Worcester Mass as it may 
be the last time.  Also, I'm somewhat limited as to when I can take off 
due to the job, the 2nd half of September into the first few days of 
October may be my best option, otherwise it's later October and that 
gets more iffy weather wise.  I'm open to all ideas.

BTW, crawled all over the new Connie on Saturday.  Good thing I'm broke 
or the GPZ would be relegated to the back of the garage.  I'm impressed 
with the bike.

Charles S.

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